Birthday Gifts for Pets
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Birthday Gifts for Pets

Recently, my husband and I celebrated our beautiful dog’s ninth birthday. I can’t believe we’ve had our sweet canine companion for so many years. To commemorate this special occasion, my spouse and I shopped for the perfect birthday gift. We decided to purchase a nice red collar for our dog. Our dog’s old collar was faded and dirty. Her new, red collar looked amazing next to her sleek black fur. After placing her new collar on her, our dog looked ready to take some memorable pictures. On this blog, I hope you will discover some of the best practical gifts to buy for your pets. Enjoy!

Birthday Gifts for Pets

Welcoming Your Cockapoo To The Neighborhood Safely

Madison Adams

Cockapoo dogs are some of the most loving, outgoing, intelligent breeds, but this outgoing personality can cause problems. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you train your cockapoo to keep him from becoming the neighborhood trouble-maker.

Talk with your Neighbors

What kind of a relationship do you have with your neighbors? Would you consider them to be friends? If you spend time at the neighbor's house, chances are, your dog will either want to join you or try to go over on his own.

So, before your dog surprises your neighbors, talk to them about meeting him. Invite them to your home so that the dog can greet the neighbor on his turf. This can sometimes reduce the anxiety that pups can feel around new people. Keep the number of people that you're exposing your pup to down to a small number during the first few weeks. This helps control anxiety levels and reduces the chances of him getting exposed to illnesses passed on by other dogs.

Lead for Visits

When you decide it's time to take your pup to the neighbor's house, it's imperative that you keep him on a lead. You are to lead the dog to the neighboring property. Before you leave your own property, stop the dog at the property line and teach him to sit and stay, which means he should not proceed until you tell him to come. The dog has to learn to wait for your commands. Once he does, you might see that he goes outside and sits at the property line waiting to go and visit his new friends.

Note: Eventually, your pup may be so well trained that you won't need a lead to walk throughout the neighborhood. Just be sure there aren't any other dogs that could pose a threat to another dog walking past their properties. The leash could mean the difference between getting your dog away from the other dog safely.

Rewards from Strangers

Keep a pocket full of doggy treats to give to strangers to feed your dog as you introduce him to them. If he knows he's going to be rewarded each time he behaves when he meets new people, he won't be as nervous or protective.

Talk with the Cockapoo breeder near you to learn more about this wonderful breed and what it will take for you to bring him home to your family. Hopefully, you'll have your furry friend at your side soon.