Birthday Gifts for Pets
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Birthday Gifts for Pets

Recently, my husband and I celebrated our beautiful dog’s ninth birthday. I can’t believe we’ve had our sweet canine companion for so many years. To commemorate this special occasion, my spouse and I shopped for the perfect birthday gift. We decided to purchase a nice red collar for our dog. Our dog’s old collar was faded and dirty. Her new, red collar looked amazing next to her sleek black fur. After placing her new collar on her, our dog looked ready to take some memorable pictures. On this blog, I hope you will discover some of the best practical gifts to buy for your pets. Enjoy!

Birthday Gifts for Pets

5 Tips To Get Your Dog Ready For Pet Boarding

Madison Adams

If you are going on a trip soon and can't take your dog with you, you may be thinking about putting it in a pet boarding facility. This way, you know that your furry family member will be safe while you are away. However, you might be worried that your dog may become anxious in an unfamiliar environment. 

Here are a few ways to prepare your dog for pet boarding.

Bring Your Dog's Food

While a pet boarding facility will provide food for your dog, you may want your furry family member to have its own food. Then, your dog will not experience any stomach issues from a sudden change in diet. Do not forget to tell the staff members how much food your dog should be given at each meal.

Practice Crate Training

When your dog is in a pet boarding facility, it will likely sit in a crate for several hours a day. If your dog is not used to being in a crate for long periods of time, it may cause some anxiety. That is why you should practice crate training for a couple of weeks before taking it to a boarding facility. 

Update Vaccinations

If your dog is due to get vaccinated, you should schedule a veterinary appointment at least two weeks before boarding. Call the facility and ask what vaccinations they require your dog to have. 

Pack a Familiar Item from Home

Since your dog will be in an unfamiliar environment for a while, it is wise to bring a familiar item from home, such as a toy or blanket. When your dog has this item in its kennel, it will feel a lot more secure. 

Schedule a Trial Separation

If your dog is around you for most hours of the day, it may have a difficult time separating from you. One thing you can do is ask your family members or friends to watch your furry family member for a few hours. This way, it will get used to being apart from you and can adjust to pet boarding a lot easier.

If you follow these helpful tips, you can properly prepare your dog for pet boarding. Do not forget to take a tour of a pet boarding facility before you leave your furry family member there. Make sure that the facility is clean and staff members watch over and interact with the dogs closely.